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Voestalpine Edelstahl GmbH

Voestalpine AG – adapted as voestalpine – is a worldwide steel-based innovation and capital merchandise bunch located in Linz, Austria. The organization is active in steel, car, railroad frameworks, profilform and device steel businesses. Starting at 2017, it is one of only a handful scarcely any productive steel organizations in Europe.

Forty-seven percent of its workforce is situated in Austria. The Linz hot strip plant is a “completely coordinated steel works” worked by voestalpine Stahl GmbH, a piece of the steel division of voestalpine AG. Notwithstanding Linz the most significant plants are in Leoben in Styria and in Krems in Lower Austria. It had a huge plant at Liezen in Styria which shut during the 1990s.

Panorama of the Linz steelworks, 2009

The name of the organization amalgamates its two head parts, the VÖEST (Vereinigte Österreichische Eisen und Stahlwerke) in Upper Austria, set up through nationalization in July 1946, and the ÖAMG (Österreichische-Alpine Montangesellschaft) in Styria, built up in 1881.

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