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BMW Vision Next 100 – Interior Exterior and Drive

BMW’s vision for the next 100 years is a sporting saloon. Not an SUV, not a hypercar, not a nuclear-powered flying car. Sports saloons are, says Adrian von Hooydonk, ‘the core’ of BMW.

BMW Vision Next 100

The BMW Vision Next 100, to give the vehicle its complete name, is likewise self-sufficient, shape-moving, and controlled by something they won’t name.

When you’re driving, you’re in ‘help mode’ – supported into a legend driver. Enlarged reality guides you, expecting the perfect controlling line and speed onto the windscreen.

The enlarged reality show will likewise extend concealed dangers into your field of view. BMW’s model is a cyclist clouded by a truck. A picture of the cyclist is anticipated onto your windscreen, making the truck mystically semi-straightforward.

On the off chance that even that is very troublesome, or you have different activities, change to ‘ease mode’. The directing quadrant creases away and the seats turn around so you can kick back and continue ahead with life.

This shape-moving business–or ‘alive geometry’ as van Hooydonk calls it. The armadillo-scales triangles on the scramble let the vehicle caution you, subconsciously, of up-and-coming perils by opening to uncover their red flip sides.

The outer bodywork wears business as a usual triangular theme. The wheels are faired in, so when the front ones go to control, the bodywork stretches to suit them. At the rear of the vehicle, the profile protracts with speed, cutting air drag.

At the front, the kidney grille is available and right, however, van Hooydonk calls attention to it isn’t required as an air admission–a piece of information that there’s no straight-six behind there. Rather, they have re-purposed the grille as a window for all the sensors the vehicle needs to drive autonomously.

“On the off chance that you can envision the future, you’ve made the initial step,” says AvH. He’s envisioned something lovely, wouldn’t you say. What’s to come?

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